I received Facebook T-shirt and became top 1000 contributor In Open Source Immersion 2020 ||

“In open source, we feel strongly that to really do something well, you have to get a lot of people involved.”

— Linus Torvalds

👋 Hi everyone It’s me Powerexploit , I am back with my last article of 2020 . This year has been so dramatic and emotional not only for me but for all of us . But some exciting things also happens to me specially in my journey of Open Source .So Today I am sharing one of my biggest achievement of 2020.

Let’s Get Started

Few months ago I had wrote article about My experience in Facebook Open source immersionwhich was initiative by Facebook for open source contributors . I had successfully completed the challenge and results are out.

✨You can checkout my article to know more about this contest.

I am thrilled to share that according to criteria by Facebook I became one of the first 1,000 eligible winners and also received a limited edition swag giveaway from Facebook for Developers.


📌 Open source does not mean that you have be expert in coding , You can contribute to some of the big projects documentation part. The main important reason of me sharing my achievement is that , Yes I had contributed to some the main projects of Facebook developer circle in Open Source Immersion Program but not only in code majorly in documentation section. So don’t hesitate while getting started in open source.

Don’t stop yourself specially in this tough time , Be a visionary and think like creator.

if you find out my blog interesting so start contributing to open source. You can with connect me through my linkedin or Github .


Be safe and write code for purpose.


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